Research Foreign Market for Turkish Comapanies

Research Foreign Market for Turkish Comapanies

  • International market research is a key piece of successful export planning. It is important to critically review and assess demand for your product, as well as factors related to a given export destination. The information will maximize your company’s efforts while keeping the export plan cost and time-efficient. Our resources can help you compare markets and target the right ones.
  • Market analysis and research performs an examination of sector, industry, the customers themselves or even specific segments of the market, which based on qualitative and quantitative data. The information gathered within the study provides a perspective on the business environment, the client position in the Turkey market, the opportunities and the business and legal barriers.


In this context we try to answer a number of questions – for example:

  1. What is the size of the relevant market / sector?
  2. What is the current and future growth rate of the market / sector?
  3. What is the nature and structure of the market?
  4. Who are the target customers?
  5. Are similar or alternative products / services available in the market?
  6. What are the pricing and terms of sale of those products / services?
  7. Who are the local and global competitors operating in the market?
  8. What is the distribution and sales structure in a specific market or sector?
  9. What are the major distribution and sales channels?
  10. What are the regulatory and logistical requirements and barriers?


To answer these and other questions, we use the following methodology:

  • Study the Client – Before starting the research and analysis work, the client must be studied, its activities in the various markets, its products / services and its intentions in the Turkey  market.
  • Research Questions – At this stage we are preparing together with the client what questions will be examined in the research.
  • Data Collection – In this context, we locate and analyze mainly secondary research data, such as statistical information, databases, various reports, various publications, articles, interviews and studies of third parties (as far as relevant).
  • Interviews & Meetings – In order to gain a deeper understanding first hand, we do some primary research activities, such meetings and interview with key people, customers, distributors and competitors in the relevant market or industry.
  • Observations & Site Visits – In some cases beyond interviews and data collection, it is necessary to physically visit the various locations and make observations in order to obtain additional information, but also document and photograph how the market operates, including customers, competitors and other players.
  • Data Verification – Once all the data from the different sources has been collected and prepared, we will cross-check and validate the information, accordingly attempting to answer the various questions as defined earlier.
  • The findings of the Turkey  market analysis and research will be submitted to the Client in a detailed report, which includes data, statistics, graphs, images and a recommendation for an action plan in the Turkey  market, according to the findings and Client original intentions regarding the market.



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