Finding/Verifying Suppliers and Manufacturers in Turkey for Foreign Companies

Most Effective Way To Source Goods From Turkey

1. Assess Your Needs

Getting on top of the detail is the first thing we do. This means understanding what you are looking for from the suppliers, the product and us! With this done, it is possible to set up a smooth and efficient critical path.


2. Understand the Product

As part of ISO 9001, we always look to clearly document the product specification so that there are no misunderstandings from any party. We look to capture all the product details at this stage.

3. Source

We reach across our qualified supplier base and beyond – making sure that we visit any new factories prior to any production – to find the most suitable partner to manufacture your products. This covers product expertise, market knowledge, capacity, financials and ultimately price points and quality!

4. Quotation

We provide you with a quotation taken from at least 3 suppliers to make sure you are getting the best option.

5. Sampling & Development

We will manage the development critical path leading up to PP sample sign off before production starts. This is an important stage and sets up getting the product right for bulk production.

6. Production

We work with the factory to ensure that everything is being moved forward according to plan and provide updates to our clients against the production schedule.

7. Quality Control

As part of our service, we do a range of quality control inspections as appropriate on site – raw material, inline, final inspection and loading inspection – to give our client’s visibility of the products before shipment. This means that you can see the products and decide to ship with confidence.

8. Shipment

We will help book the logistic company and arrange for the goods to be shipped to your warehouse.



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